All is Well


So this week ended up being really good! Had a lot of pretty good lessons and studies! And nothing terrible happened to us so that is a good thing! Also, the daughter of one of our investigatores is gonna be baptized on the 26th! And she is super excited about that!! She has been asking me forever when she can and so we sat down with her parents and set a date! She is beyond happy for that and it really cool!

We did some service projects this week as well. One was that we moved choppa ( no idea what that is in English) and cleaned up a bit of this large field. The other was that we helped clean a house, so that was fun!

With the family of the girl ( her name is Flavia) we got to talking a bit about history, and family history and all that jazz. And so we got to talking about how I am related though a greatish Uncle to President Truman, and she started to go on a bout how she “knew something was special about me” even though she hadn’t seen me on the television before or stuff like that. She ended up explaining that it wasn’t just for that because she understood there isn’t anything like royalty with the Presidents, but hey, it made me feel pretty special, and who knows, maybe I can be on the TV someday for music ( no mom it isn’t gonna be for politics).

The step dad of flavia however is in the hospital; cut his hand real bad on a machine of sorts so we are gonna visit him sometime day to see cómo anda. But other than that all is well!

Oh and the thing about the milk, I was getting into this habit of drinking about a liter or 2 liters of milk a day, so my body right no has been rejecting milk in large quantities, but right now if I have about a bottle or glass a milk 2 times a day I am good more or less.

But all is well here!

Love you all and hope that everyone is having a safe and great time up in the states!!!!

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