Three’s A Charm

So this one is gonna be a pretty short one because la verdad I had to do a bunch of other things pero bueno. This week was really awesome in the way that we have been working a lot with less actives, and we had a zone meeting and this all was really awesome.

We have been starting to travel to the most dangerous part of Rojas and that has been really awesome as well. I was a little sick and have been having problems with food and milk (long story) but I am a lot better now!

We are gonna start having some baptisms in these next couple weeks so that will be awesome!! School also started up in Argentina, and so there was a concert until 2 in the morning last night and the chicos love to party and have rituals in the streets.  Apparently at 6 in the morning with party buses and smoke bombs and horns and chanting, so that was interesting. But, the parts that I loved about this week were three experiences in particular.

The first was with one of our investigators that was starting to feel that no matter how hard she tried that god was not listening, and that she wasn’t ever going to pray or go to church again. So we started to go by the spirit and talk to her and figure out where the problem laid. After about an hour and a half, she told us in tears that she was never gonna drop the church, and she gave the closing prayer. It was powerful.

The second is with a menos activo that reminds me a lot of Uncle Mark. We got to talking with him and was opening up to a few of the reasons why he didn’t want to go to church in this moment ( he was at one point super active in the church). We went by the spirit some more and it was super powerful. We invited him to pray and so we shall see how that goes.

And third, we were in another lesson with another one our our menos activos and one of our recent converts who weren’t at church yesterday and started to get talking. The menos activo is like an older brother to me, and so I’ve been trying to work a bunch with him. But when we were in the lesson he started just saying the most wacked and random things, and was almost trying to start something with us. So at one point I got a bit upset with him and so i ended up snapping just a little bit and told him straight how it is; if he doesn’t act upon the things that he knows are true, he wont be able to live with our Father in Heaven and his family for eternity ( in a much nicer but much more direct manner). After a bit of silence, we continued with the lesson, and for the first time since I’ve been here he asked US for a lesson. It was super awesome and powerful, and I am hoping that this will be a turning point for him.

So far was super fun in total! And hope that everyone is doing good at home!!! Love you all and best of luck and wishes to ya!!!

-Elder Inman

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