Hitchhikers Guide To The Celestial Kingdom

So I think I can honestly say that the craziest thing that has happened to me on the mission so far happened this week. But before that, we had a pretty good week!

The new sister that has joined our District is super new to the mission, and she is from Chile! Se Llama Hna. Barraza, and she joined the church in 2014, so she is super new!

We had also been doing a whole bunch of walking around introducing my new comp to different members and investigadores so that was fun. And, Jorge has a date for a baptisms! He said he is getting all his divorce paperwork taken care of in the next two weeks so we are super excited for him and he is really excited as well!

We also had an activity for Family History which was really fun! There was some people that showed up that we had only invited in the Street, so we have plans to visit them and talk a bit more. And there has been A LOT of rain and it has been getting REALLY cold in the mornings! Haven’t gotten much sleep because of that but what can you do.

I also got a haircut, and so that has been needing some getting used to since it is a bit different, but I like it so its all good.

We get to go to Rosario AGAIN tomorrow because my comp needs to do some tramites, so that’ll be just a bunch of fun! Waking up at 4 in the morning… pero bueno.

Been having some pretty good days, and we have met some really nice people. One, for example, happens to be the crazy experience. We were in one part of the city, and needed to get to practically the other part, and so as we started walking a car pulled around and a man in it said ” Vamos chicos! Vamos a centro! Vengan vengan!” This means roughly that WE were heading to Centro and that he wanted to give us a lift. Now, I have never seen this man in my life, he was in about his mid 50s, and my comp didnt have a clue either. So we decided to do the logical, safe, and what any other missionary would do in a time like this; we took his offer and jumped in.

He is now a new investigator! Turns out he lives infront of one of our investigators and he sees us there all the time and wanted to help us out, and so we started talking about the church and have a lesson scheduled with him this Martes, so that should be a bunch of fun! Now I know what some might be thinking, that that was a bit dangerous, but hey, it worked (wouldnt recommend doing that in other cities or in the States, just happened to be a tender mercy of the lord in the moment). So all in all it has been a pretty great week! and hoping to have an evern better one this coming week!

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