Weathering the Storm

So it is official; I am a missionary missionary now. I completed my training so I am “playing with the big boys now.”

I’m in the same area, but i have a new comp from Uruguay se llama Elder Rocha. He is pretty awesome, and I actually new him before in my first district so that was pretty awesome. When we had both heard the news we couldn’t believe that we were companions, but we were both real excited.

I had to say goodbye to Elder Jiménez so that was pretty sad, but he is off to bigger and better things, and he gave me a tie from his Abuelo, so that was very special for me.

 We had a couple STORMS, like storm storms, so that was really nice to have.

Been doing a lot of good work, but it was really just a week of travel for tramites in rosario, meetings, and packing and saying goodbye with Elder Jiménez so nothing super super exciting.

Oh, Elder Rocha had some operacion on his toe, so we get to do more traveling back and forth from Pergamino and Rojas, so that is always fun, but he is able to do some walking so we have been working hard.

We have a bunch of meetings and traveling to do this week as well, and have our activity for family history which I somehow got put in charge of so that should be interesting, but really fun.

We are getting a new Sister missionary to the area this week as well, like, NEW new, to the mission, so that should be fun to see if she is Yankee, and its nice to not be the baby missionary anymore.

Hope all is going well at home! And hopefully I’ll have more to write about this week!

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