Family History

So this upcoming week is gonna be the last week of this transfer, so that means the 21st is my last day with Elder Jiménez so that’ll be pretty sad, but this past week has been pretty good.

Had some pretty… Interesting experiences that I’ll think I’ll wait ’till I am at home to share those, but there was some pretty good stuff happening.

Been doing a lot of work with family history and matrimonio in this week. ALOT. The Rama has plans for a Family History Activity for the 27th, so we have been inviting and helping investigadores y miembros prepare por esto.

We have the luck of having the very first member of Rojas, and so we had the chance to talk with him, though right now he is in the hospital, so we went and visited him a bunch.

My comp is feeling better, so we have been out and working just about every day, and this is good.

No sé, this past week has really just been sorta a chill week, nothing super exciting, but in the mean time nothing super boring, just a normal mission week. This next week is super busy though; Traslados, Rosario, Pergamino, Día de Limpieza, a bunch of stuff!

A really cool thing that did happen this week though is that the one of the boys that I had the chance to baptize, Franco, received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and the investigator of the sisters received it as well, so that was really cool! But yeah, not a whole lot more going on here I guess, just the work of the Lord.

Hope everyone is doing good!

Love y’all and best of wishes!!!

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