Like Pulling Teeth

So, I guess this week was pretty good. We went and visited an old folks home and ended up talking with a bunch of people there, and they all really seemed to enjoy that.

Also, my comp had one of his wisdom teeth removed so I got to spend about two days of answering the phone and doing a whole bunch of studying, and I am pretty sure I gained weight from all the reading I did.

We didn’t do a whole lot of traveling just once to Pergamino and other than that none this week. Did a couple services with the members to help with around the house to do some renovation, but didn’t do a whole lot of exciting stuff because of the wisdom teeth.

It was really just a mellow week in total. No sé, I guess not a whole lot that I can think of writing in this one.

I mean, I’ve been doing a lot of reading in one of the books from the church named “Jesus the Christ” and so that has been really mind opening about A LOT of things from the life of Christ.

The youth have also been pretty good! One has been coming with us every now and again to lessons so that is nice.

I don’t know, I guess just mentally and emotionally this week was really tough. Like, REALLY tough. Going from the “yeah baptisms!” and everyone wants to talk to a practical halt with A LOT of all that. And, I don’t know, but I’ve been doing good; difficult, but not impossible.

We have set in motion some goals with the investigators that we have so hopefully that will bare some fruit. But other than that yeah, pretty much a real mellow week. Just a lot of time to think and study, and it is some killer weather here. But all in all it has been pretty well.

On the 21st of Feb. we have transfers so that is always fun.

Hope everyone is doing good and I’d love to hear from everyone! If I can I will try to respond to what I can, but none the less I love reading!

Love you all, and Argentina sends her love!

-Elder Inman

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