Families Are Forever!

So a whole bunch of great things happened this week it feels like!

To Start off, WE HAD THE BAPTISMS!!! And they were super awesome! It was very spirtual and it was in all honest beyond what words could describe. You could tell that they had all wanted to be baptized.  I had the opportunity to baptize Franco y Thiago, the oldest and the youngest of the hijos, so that was a really awesome experience for me.

I was asked to sing a primary song with one of the Sister missionaries, I think it was “I like to look for rainbows,” or at least this is what I think it is in English. It was really awesome. We had a whole bunch of people there to, it was like 60ish or possibly more! It was really an awesome experience.

We also had to go to Rosario so that was a whole bunch of fun, and found out that next week we have to go back again. It is super expensive to travel, but we are getting reimbursed so that is good.

We have been so consumed in working with the family for baptism that it was a bit difficult to do other stuff between needing to travel and teach, but the week was good.

President Zanni and his family were in our Branch, and so that was really awesome! He and his wife talked with some of our investigators that need to get married and the like, and, well, I think they are getting ready to start prepping. It was all super awesome, and seriously, I do not know of another mission president that loves their missionaries like he does, it is crazy sometimes! He does so much, and the work in Rosario is really pressing forward.

I’ve been talking A BUNCH (not that that is a surprise to anyone that knows me) but IN SPANISH! And my companion has been making me talk on the phone (which I normally do not like) but I can sorta understand people.

I’ve been more or less directing the lessons so to speak and the language is becoming second nature. I have to think more about how to speak and write in english more than I have to think and write in Spanish, so that is always good.


But I think the coolest thing that happened this week, or at least that was really cool for me (besides the baptisms of course) was one of our lessons last night. we were talking about the Plan of Salvation, and how families have an opportunity to be together forever. And the topic of children, and children being baptized as babies came up, and so we explained how children are innocent, and do not need to be baptized until after 8 years old when they have a decent idea of good and bad and to make decisions for themselves.

The topic of what happens to babies if they die in the womb, and where do they go and what happens exactly came up. And so we got to explain a bit how we believe and know that those that did not have the opportunity to live on this earth, or died before the age of Accountability, instantly go to the presence of our Heavenly Father, and that we have the chance to be with them and know them in the next life and for eternity.

When we were explaining it, I had this overwhelming sensation all around me, like a giant blanket wrapped around me, and I’ll admit, I got a bit emotional. But it reminded me of the baby brother or sister that I never had the chance of knowing.  It almost felt like they were giving me this sort of confidence, or cheering in a manner of ” Yeah big brother! That’s right!”

In honesty, I have no idea how to explain the feeling, the only words I can think of to use are peace and comfort, and just this overwhelming feeling of love. And it was in this moment that it was never made more clear to me how much our heavenly father blesses families, that we have a chance to live together forEVER.  And I will have a chance to know and talk and be with this little sibling that in this life I never had the chance to meet.

I hope everything went well this week, and that this next week will be even better!

Love you all!

Be safe and remember that God loves you!

-Elder Inman

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