Study, Study, Study

So this week was pretty good all around I think. We had a whole lot of fun with nuestro investigadores, though in honesty we did not have very much luck in finding new ones. But it was a good week.

Had an activity of Reyes this week and that was a load of fun. I ended up playing soccer for a good 3 hours or so with the kids and teenagers and it was a ton of fun. Yeah it was in missionary clothing so it was very, VERY warm, but oh it was so much fun.

In verdad this past week now is sorta a blur, but Sunday was super awesome!!! So the teenagers had EFY ( Especially for Youth, sorta a week camp for teenagers that is church associate). And oh man, it was very fruitful.

One of the teenagers that went was a convert of more or less two months and he is much more animated for the gospel, and even bore his testimony AND gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting (normally he is very, VERY shy, so this was huge for him).

In serio, the part that was incredible was of the other boy that went. He is not a member but his parents are. For a long, long time he never wanted to talk to the missionaries for lessons or anything like that, but he would go to activities and sometimes church because his parents go and sometimes make him go.

But this Sunday was definitely a change. It was my first time teaching a lesson in Church, and I had the class with the Youth about the Holy Ghost ( Espíritu Santo), and he, along with another non member and the new convert were all in the class. And I remember that I had the lesson planned and scriptures decided, and it was going really really well. And when I was about to use the final scripture I had had planned, a practically a voice whispered to me “Read Alma 32:21.” I had even started o say the scripture I had had planned, but I figured why not, it’s a good scripture.

Later my Companion had to teach gospel principles about the Plan of Salvation (the Plan that God, our Heavenly Father has for us about where we lived before, why we are here, and were we go after this life). This of course was a last minute “hey elder teach this please” but it was really good.

So fast forward back to the sacrament meeting. Leo is the name of this youth, and so he was invited to bare his testimony last, and oh boy, what a testimony. It was powerful let me tell you what. And in it, he said he wanted to be baptized and talk with the missionaries, and as you can imagine all the sisters that new this boy began to weep, ESPECIALLY his mom. It was definitely a miracle. AND, he gave the closing prayer.

Sunday was good. After the meeting he came up and thanked me for the class and for the scripture I shared at the end, and went up and thanked my companion for the class afterwards. It was definitely a great day at church.

Afterwards we had ANOTHER super spiritually draining lesson with two members. One was that wanted baptism with or without his girlfriend, and well, he eventually made the decision to split because she did not want to make the changes in her life that she needed to make for baptisms. However, after this decision, she asked for us with the Branch President to talk, and we talked for a long time. But the part I remember was the most powerful is when I had this overwhelming prompting to share with her the scripture that in truth changed my life to be how it is now. This scripture can be found in the Book of Mormon, in the Book of Alma, the 42nd chapter and the 30th verse, and it says:

“O my son, I desire that ye should deny the justice of God no more. Do not endeavor to excuse yourself in the least point because of your sins, by denying the justice of God; but do you let the justice of God, and his mercy, and his long suffering have full sway in your heart; and let it bring you down to the dust in humility. “

And oh, words can not begin to describe the spirit that was in this lesson. It was, well, I’ll be honest, I about cried, because the feelings of when I first read the scripture came rushing back, and I could see the pain that this poor sister had in her eyes. But she said she is gonna talk to the Branch President so more, and she wants to change, so all I can now is pray.

And! We find out if the baptism is this week. Our Investigator was scaring us a bit by saying she didn’t remember different things and was having a bit of a hard time paying attention, but we sat down and talked with her and if she wanted the baptism this week or the next, or if she felt ready, and her whole demeanor changed. After we got done teaching her she tried more and more to remember, and when we ran through some questions for the baptismal interview she knew all of them! She is seriously such a sweet spirit, almost like my little brother, and I am so glad she is choosing to follow the path that our Heavenly Father wants for her.

But yeah, it was a really good week, and I have been addicted to studying, so that isn’t a bad thing!

I hope everything is going well in the States! From what I have read so far seems pretty good!

I invite any one that reads this to read the scriptures mentioned in this (or the chapters in total of these scriptures, all got good stuff) and apply them, or think about how they can help someone that you know. They changed my life, and I know they can help others because they are words of Prophets of God.

Love y’all! And write ya next week!

-Elder Inman

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