It’s a Tie!

So, I believe first and foremost I need to say that I am a bit sorry for not messaging earlier.  Apparently, the day after Traslados is when we have Pday; so every 6 weeks if I don’t message en Lunes it’s because of Traslados ( no sé que significa en ingles, but I think it means transfers).

This week has been really fun in total. I got ties, and more ties, and study supplies, and a DBZ thing and a Jersey of Argentina, and I have been using all of them ( The DBZ is for COLLECTING)!  I also bought a Pocket Bible from my Zone Leader because they do not sell them around Rojas that we know of and I have been addicted to it. I ‘ve been reading and studying and marking and everything and it is tons of fun.

We have a lot, and I mean ALOT of JW’s around this part of the mission it seems, so I’ve been studying a bunch how Jehovah is Jesus Christ and re-reading the Bible from the beginning and legit it is so much fun. 

We also HAVE A BAPTISM ON THE 23! Her name is Yanela (Shanela, en verdad, no sé cómo pronounce that in Ingles). And the funny part, is she is the EXACT same age as Kalon. 6 July, 2004. She is super sweet, and she is the daughter of one of investigators that has to wait for a divorce, but she can and wants to be baptized so that is super great!

We also made tacos yesterday and those tasted super, super good.

OH! We also have a investigator who is practically a member but is in the same boat ( su novia needs a divorce) and he has had to wait for a while. But he said that this year, with or without her he has the desire to be baptized and has been doing everything in his power do be baptized. (And this was all when she was right there).

There is a saying Bajar la caña, and that is what explains the situations. It’s like spitting fire, or dropping heat. The translation is Drop Cane, but like, the how lesson was super powerful. Like, wow.

We also had the Tranfers (?) this week, and my companion and I are the same, we didnt change, but we are now in a dristrict of ONLY Hermanas ( there are four of us in total, so we can’t really do anything like splits or cosas mismo). BUT! It’s all good.

We also have a family that en serio, I love them. They are so nice ( same situations with the marriage and stuff) and we actually are gonna help them paint their house and stuff like that today I think. They are legit the best, and their kids are so lovable.

There is a family ( the sister and nieces and nephews of Yanela) that is here until the 25, and they are practically my little siblings. They see us walking down the street to the house and sometimes they run to meet us. There is Franco (15), Johnathan (10) Diego (7-9 not to sure) and Alma (6, the only girl, and NONE are members BTWs). I seriously feel at home with them and sometimes I forget what english is because i talk so calmy with them. It is honestly so much fun.

OH! And I one of the ties I got is a HAND KNITTED red one, and it is amazing.

And to clarify, the bites were from Insects, not dogs. BUT! The dogs love me. I swear everytime we go to a house that has them (of one our investigadores) they always are around me. And sometimes just jump right into my lap on the chair (ALOT of Puppies).

En serio, I love it here, it is actually the best. Glad everyhting is good back home and hope everything and everyone is doing good!!! Love you all and message you all again MONDAY!

-Elder Inman

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