A Very Fun Week!

So this was definitely one of the most fun weeks I have had in the mission so far.

Yeah, I think my arms and hands have gotten attacked way more times then I’d like, but this week has been a bunch of fun.

I think every missionaries dream happened to me on Monday at the end of our free time: Had to play a video game to preach the gospel to one of the inactive members of the church in our area. Needless to say, it was some Soccer videogame, and, also needless to say, we lost. We lost rather horribly actually. Like, really, really badly, but it’s all good! Because even though we lost, we still got to talk about some principles and the like anyway, so it was actually a lot of fun ( yeah we repented afterward, but it was a sacrifice worth making).

We also could not leave our apartment at all on New Years Day or the afternoon of New Years eve, but it was pretty fun, cause we sang and read the scriptures and slept in (up until midnight when the sirens, fireworks, and gun shots is all you can hear until about 1230, but it was alright).

We also have been experimenting with cooking, ALOT. I think we have made up/came up with about three different types of foods, and I mean, we are still living so that’s a good thing. In my opinion, they are all pretty good, but we only ever need to be creative because we normally never have meals with Members, due to cancellations or it is just really, really difficult, but we get by.

But for real the weeks have been a whole bunch of fun. The members here are practically my family at this point, and I even call one of the families “Mama y Papa” and they seem to enjoy that.

We have plans to try and get my youth into the church, though we arent 100% sure of activities or stuff to do so we have been thinking and looking for ideas in that department. But it is a work in progress! And We have good feelings about it so who knows (given we only have in reality 2 youth in the branch).

I’ve also been getting pretty bold i think is the right word, and have been getting better at following the promptings of the Spirit. For example, we were in a lesson, and the investigator told us a whole lot about their life story, and how it has had a lot of bad stuff that has happened. This person had a lot of issues keeping them from being baptized although their family really wanted to.  So, I told this person what I’m normally not very good at, and that was the truth.

I actually said it is impossible to live with your family for eternity without baptism.  I told this person THEY had to be the example because the burden would fall on them to make sure their family stayed strong and kept progressing.

The individual wasn’t angry so that was really good, and they seemed kinda in thought about it so who knows what’ll happen there.

But yeah, another one of our investigators is in a similar situation, needs to be married before she get can get baptized, but the boyfriend does not want to in the moment ( Normally people can be baptized before marriage, but if they are living with someone of the opposite gender they NEED to be married or cannot be baptized, due to living in sin etc. etc, its a bit difficult to explain in English so I HIGHLY recommend reading about this on LDS.org).

But we had a lesson with him and he said he is gonna put more thought into it, and wants to, but needs to pray about it so that is good ( he is like a brother to me and Elder Jiménez so we really wanna work with them).

But yeah, the week was a whole bunch of fun! And I hope everyone had a really awesome New Years!

I should be getting the packages/letters today depending if any  were sent or made it here on time so we shall see! Cio!

-Elder Inman

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