No Hablar Ingles

So a WHOLE lot of stuff happened this week! To start off, got a haircut, so that was pretty cool. Also, it is like an Inferno here, but these past two days have been really nice. I was gifted some DBZ cards so I know am kinda on a hunt for those, and I have … More No Hablar Ingles

It’s a Tie!

So, I believe first and foremost I need to say that I am a bit sorry for not messaging earlier. ¬†Apparently, the day after Traslados is when we have Pday; so every 6 weeks if I don’t message en Lunes it’s because of Traslados ( no s√© que significa en ingles, but I think it … More It’s a Tie!

A Very Fun Week!

So this was definitely one of the most fun weeks I have had in the mission so far. Yeah, I think my arms and hands have gotten attacked way more times then I’d like, but this week has been a bunch of fun. I think every missionaries dream happened to me on Monday at the … More A Very Fun Week!