Happy New Year!

ChristmasPartySo getting to Skype home I think was the highlight of my week for sure.

I am in love with everything down here. We couldn’t really do a whole bunch this week due to rules about Navidad and needing to stay in doors, but we did get to spend Christmas eve with one of the member families that are like our parents, and that was a whole lot of fun, and they want to wish everyone a Feliz Navidad and a Feliz Año Nuevo!

For Christmas, we were allowed to eat lunch with a family, so we ate with a family that is sorta like our abuelos, so it was a really nice meal and we talked a whole bunch and that was really nice. They even got us some candy for presents so that was very sweet of them (no pun intended, though I am starting to learn how to pun in Spanish).

In truth, nothing really super super exciting has happened this week, it was really super mellow.

Had a lot of time to sing around the apartment, walk, talk, and pray ( like every other day) and I have been starting to get the hang of the piano kinda. I’m learning to play “Agony” when I am not looking at hymns so it is really fun.

No baptism or anything like that, but I got this really cool red tie, and one of the elders and my companion can make ties so I might be getting two new free ones. well, maybe.

I heard some news about being sent stuff, and the thing we learned about that is we only ever get the items when we visit the mission home or about every transfer, so I wont get them for about 2 or 3 more weeks possibly.

One cool thing that I guess happened is right now we are teaching a History Professor of one of the schools around here and he is super, super smart, but I love it cause I learn stuff every time about History, and because he is a teacher he has patience with me and my Spanish. He has really cool ideas about stuff, and he really loves learning about the Church and the Gospel so that is really good!

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! I love you all and will talk to all again in 2016!


Elder Inman

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