Finally… Electricity

Well today marks 2 months since I have started my mission, but in reality the days blur together.

We finally have electricity! But we do not have any hot water. So we boil buckets of water and shower by bucket. It is a bit different, but it works so I do not complain.

The activity on Miércoles was a whole bunch of fun! I helped Hermana Zanni in the Kitchen with cookies and the food and they actually tasted pretty good if i do say so myself. We played some games afterwards, but they were in Spanish and required to actually know the names of things so I was a bit handicapped due to being the “baby” in the Zone. But it was all good!  I can actually more or less talk to people without them needing to go at a turtles pace!

After the games, we had the opportunity to go caroling for an old folks home which was a whole lot of fun. They had me conduct the music though, so that was a bunch of fun! Maybe a hint towards the future! ( I wish, but who knows). The elderly really loved it! And it was such an awesome experience to be able to talk to all of them.

We’ve been really successful in our lessons with investigators recently, but there is always one reoccurring problem; they need to get married. A lot of people either need a divorce or need to get married, and a lot of times it is the other person that is the problem, so that has been a trial of patience for sure. But! A lot of them have been making plans and setting feches for marriage!!! So it is a start!

My companion also completed a year in the mission so we celebrated that! The ice cream here is actually really, really good! The Christmas activity was a whole lot of fun! But, I never was Santa due to funds and other stuff so it is whatever. BUT! The primary reenacted the First Noel, and it was actually adorable.

En verdad, the children in the Rama are adorable, and I actually attempted (key word “attempted) to play soccer with them. I thought I did pretty good for an 18 Yankee (that is what they referred to Americans, or rather, people from the united states as) against a bunch of 5-11 year olds. I did not lose to bad, and that’s all that matters.

As for crazy experiences, have not really had any, accept that we get promptings to go talk to people a lot, and I have been getting better at recognizing those.

The week was a pretty busy one between practicing for the activity ( which we never did end up performing due to time and other stuff) and prepping for the activity. But all in all it was a really good week! Nothing unusual, just a whole lot of fun and a lot of travel. This next week we only have 4 days of work in Rojas becuase we need to go to Pergamino Martes, Rosario Martes y Miercoles, Navidad is Jueves y Viernes, then we have Sabado for work, y Domingo is Church and some work, so we do not have a whole lot of time, but we got plans so I am sure it will all be good.

Thankfully, not many people talk about Star Wars here, and if they do, I do not understand it so that is good. But I guess the real cool thing is that I am starting to find investigators that I can really relate to due to stuff that has happened in my life, so that has been a really awesome experience for me.

Hopefully everyone will have an awesome Navidad! Remember, it is all about Jesus! My best of wishes! And hope Papa Noel gives you what you want!

Love y’all!
Elder Inman

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