First Week in Argentina!

I do not even know where to start. President and Hermana Zanni are so awesome and nice! My companion, Elder Jimenez, understands some English but does not speak it almost at all, so that has been interesting.

We also do not have electricity, so we study/plan at night by candlelight.

Everyone we have met here so far is awesome! And really nice! And I can not even get started about the food! It. Is. So. Good!!!! I do not even know the names of half the stuff I have eaten but it is all so good. Lots of meats. Lots.

I was IN a dog fight my first night in Rojas (my area), but none got hurt (me or the puppies). The dogs like attacking dogs that enter their territory, but are pretty good with humans.

We have about 11-12 investigators that I can think of, and ALOT of inactive usually, whom I LOVE working with.

I also invited someone to be baptized and they did not say no! Well, they did not say yes exactly either, but it is a start! We also had a family of Six (of our investigators) attend church and the wife bore her testimony and she is not even a member!!! Could not understand almost a word of it but I for sure felt it! Castellano for me is much more difficult than Spanish, but I am learning VERY slowly.

I also bore my Testimony and people understood me!!! I think. It seemed like they did. Everyone is very patient thankfully.

My companion also like saying that I can sing, so when we had lunch with President Sequiera they had me sing. They must have liked it, because he wants me to sing; sing a solo one Sunday in either English or Spanish, sing with the other missionaries (we have a set of sisters), and for the Rama Christmas party he wants ME to be Santa AND sing., so that should be more or less interesting.
The “funny” story with my companion and I ; So we got locked out of our apartment complex because we forgot the keys. And the way the complex is is that you need the keys to enter and exit. So then we remebered, we leave the sliding glass door on both sides of the building open on our balconies, and unlocked. There is a window in the stairwell my companion can fit through. So we had the bright idea for me to help lift him out the window and climb up to the balcony. It was hard to hear him from inside and I can barely understand Spanish to begin with (he is from Mexico) so it was a bit of a stuggle. Oh yeah, and we live on the 4th floor, so no big deal right? But we are alive!

Then we had ten minutes to walk to a bus terminal that normally takes twenty minutes to get to and somehow made it with moments to spare and boarded the bus as it was pulling out to go to another city for a Zone/District Leader meeting because I am companions with the District Leader. Then, because the meeting got out late and a taxi never showed, we had to go to another Elders apartment for the night because the buses to Rojas are only so late. One spoke English and the other liked dragonball so it was good.

We caught the first bus this morning, because all that happened Sunday. So that was a lot of fun.
Oh! We can receive packages and letters!! The packages need to be addressed to President Zanni and the mission home, and the letters need to be addressed to the mission home, but need my name on them. So that is good.

Just this week though I can see why I am supposed to be here and why I was called to serve in Rojas first. I may not understand everyone, but I just love the people, the culture, the music, the food, everything ( there is also a theater right next to our apartment so we get to hear/see the actors and performers a bunch). Just everything about Argentina, Rojas I am in love with. I feel at home here, like I am sure I am supposed to be here. Even if I cant understand everything, it feels right. And it testifies to me that it does not matter what language, culture, people, dialect, area in the world; the Church is the same, and the Holy Spirit testifies of truth when it is spoken, and I have been feeling the truth constantly as I share the Gospel and messages of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of his Church to this Earth.

Though I miss home, and a lot of things from America that I do not have here, I am not worried. Because this is where God, my Heavenly Father, needs me to be. And while I am here I will serve him with all my heart, might, mind, soul, and strength. Because not only do the people in Rojas need me, but I need them, and I can see that.

I also love and pray for those who I do not know that read the blog. I can stand as a firm witness that through faith in Jesus Christ, and exercising that faith, all will be possible. We just have to be ready wand wanting to receive the help.

I send my best regards and I will update you all next week!


-Elder Inman


“Because our Father loves us, he sent us a Savior to atone for all of our sins, all our guilt. Unto us a son is born, unto us a son is given. Let us make sure to always remember that love that out Father has for us, and how much love our Savior has for everyone of us throughout this season.”

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