Argentina Here I Come!


This is gonna be last blog I send in the United States!

It is super crazy to think that I am only a few days away from leaving!

Monday, Nov. 30 at 0830 is when we leave for the airport, and it is so crazy! The whole trip is gonna take 24 hours, so I will be in Argentina at around 0910 Dec. 1st.

This week in general has been super awesome though!

We got to hear from Elder Oaks on Thanksgiving!

Though I do not have any photos from Thanksgiving because we weren’t allowed to have cameras with us almost at all due to all the activities. We had a whole bunch of firesides, devotionals, and this super crazy Humanitarian effort project where we packaged about 357,000+ bags of food for children that go hungry, which was the most the MTC has ever done, and we have a lot less missionaries so that was super cool!

I Saw “17 Miracles” for the first time so that was really cool!

We came up with some goofy things as a District; like coming up with names if we were Disney Prince/Princess, Toy Story Characters, and Marvel Super heroes. I got Woody, Spidey, and Prince Eric I think it was so that was pretty fun (not really complaining with any of those choices what so ever).

Had a pretty rough day on Friday, but I hadn’t let it get me down! I’ve just been in the power finish since then!

We had our final lesson with Hermana Ellison so that was sad but it was awesome! We also had all our final investigator lessons so we do not have those anymore. Well, at least until I am in Argentina.

We also did the temple for the last time (at least going inside of it) and the last time around the Provo temple is around 3:30ish Sunday! So it is coming really fast!

The District and Zone has just been getting along so awesomely! And we are all constantly laughing or doing something together, and we are able to always try and sit next to each other during meals. They are all super awesome!

We also had our infield orientation this wednesday and that was a really cool experience! We learned a lot about working with members, more fundamental stuff about the Gospel, and pretty much how to survive on the way to the field and the first couple weeks ( though a lot I had already known thanks to my teachers and how awesome they are).

They also put the Christmas lights up and about and I’m not gonna lie they are pretty beautiful. A bunch of Elders at night were singing “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy” so I jumped in and we did a four part and it was AMAZING! The group of us then began to sing a whole bunch of songs from the Hymn book until one of the Mission Presidency’s Wives told us it was time to go to bed, so it was a whole bunch of fun!

All I got left to do is pack a bunch and make sure I got everything situated to leave on Monday morning, ESTOY MUY PUMPED!

Next big email I send is gonna be from Argentina on a Monday (Lunes), so in that case,


-Elder Inman

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