A Friend Is Never Forgotten

So I had this really super spiritual moment happen to me the other day that I wanted to share.

So I wanna say either Tuesday or Wednesday I had been thinking about a friend of mine that had passed away recently. I was feeling that if I would have just extended more of an invitation to this friend they might still be here, or that maybe I could have done something, and I could not think of why I was having such thoughts.

Well, later that night, we were learning how to teach the Word of Wisdom, and we broke off in to different groups, and acted as someone who would need the Word of Wisdom. I got an impression to play as my friend, and get through the lesson, maybe seeing if I could figure out anything I could have possibly done differently.

The more the lesson progressed the more I kept getting this really intense feeling, and the other Elders that were teaching me felt it as well. It was almost as if my friend was there, listening in and being part of the lesson.

I found myself saying things in Spanish I wasn’t entirely sure of why I was saying them, but i got to a point were I really felt like I was the investigator with this problem.

By the time we ended the lesson, we all felt an overwhelming sensation of the spirit, and I explained to the other Elders the background of my friend and our relationship.  I explained that we were almost like family for the longest time. I got a little emotional, but it was not noticed by the rest of the class and I did not go and have a breakdown of any sorts.

It was not until I got back to my room that night that I felt I should kneel in prayer, and at one point I remember myself asking for forgiveness for not trying harder, for not being there when i felt I could’ve, and really asking to let my friend know that I was sorry, and that I really missed them; even though we did not really talk much after they had graduated.

I did not even finish my prayer by the time I was in silent tears, and I can remember this overwhelming sensation, almost as if it was a hug encompassing me, and it was almost as if I heard my friend say, it was okay, and that they knew it wasn’t my fault.

I am still in shock and awe by it, and I know it may have seemed ridiculous; thinking I was accountable for what happened, but I guess I never really mourned for their death, and that experience finally comforted me and allowed me to be at peace.

It is really incredible how powerful the Lord is and the Holy Ghost, and how strong they can make us feel. It was just so incredible, and I really hope and I think even know that my friend is alright on the other side, and I hope they will receive the Gospel more and continue to embrace it while they are there.

Let everyone know I love them!

-Elder Inman

One thought on “A Friend Is Never Forgotten

  1. Kenny, I am so happy you are having such a wonderful experience at the MTC. I know that it will help keep you strong when you are out in the field with all the things you have learn.Pop Pop and I love you and so proud of you for wanting to serve the Lord you will truly be blessed. Love you, Mimi

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