Uneventful Week


This week seems honestly to be a blur, and it is even difficult to think of what actually even happened this week. The days are just all blending together, and it seems like yesterday was P-Day, but there was some pretty good stuff that did happen. I have have some really good personal studies in the Book of Mormon this week, and got to have a really cool discussion about some Gospel principles that was some fun “What if’s.”

The food seems never ending here, and we have still yet to get any new missionaries in our Zone. The classes have been really good, and I’ve had the chance to play as an investigator for some of the Missionaries in my District, and I guess I like asking the hard questions, but they do a good job normally!

I’ve been playing volleyball just about every single day for gym so far and I have actually been really enjoying it! I even think I’ve been getting somewhat decent at it.

I guess in “The World” some stuff has been happening between Syria and France which some of the missionaries are scared about, but we do not know a whole bunch about it. I was just glad to know that my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Chris made it out of the country before it all happened so that is a huge blessing and feeling of calm for me.

I had been having a bit of a low week, and sadly it reflected in my lessons, but luckily I’ve been feeling a bunch better. I even had a bit of a cool compliment the other day. Yesterday there was a wave of 600+ missionaries I think enter into the training center, and some of the ones that were to learn Spanish were in our building where we study. So some of the Elders and I went into talk with them and we decided to use nothing but Spanish. They of course looked like deers in the headlights, and we told them we had only been here for about 5 weeks they were shocked, and one said it seemed I was just using the language without thinking ( I know for a fact though that that was all the Holy ghost, and that when I am in Argentina I am not gonna be able to say a single thing, but in the moment it was cool).

We took some cool group pictures at the temple with the some of the Zone which I will try and get, and we saw this really cool movie called “The Testaments” which I really enjoyed. Oh, and I guess I was asked to be the District Leader for the rest of the time in MTC so that was really cool, and has been its own type of experience.

I got to have a legit snowball fight with some Elders are few days ago and my hands were about frozen by the end of it, but it was so worth it. The classes have been really fun, and we are supposed to get our flight plans tomorrow, so fingers crossed that everything will be able to work out and I can head down there on time.

We also as a District did an English fast on Tuesday, where we ONLY spoke Spanish until after Dinner, which work more or less. It was different, and I really had to simplify how I spoke to be able to even be understood.

We also watched the “12 Steps to Change” video series the Church made, and those videos are powerful. I think my favorite one had to be the 8th, but the entirety of them all was super good.

Did more singing with the choir, and we have been learning a song that is only in the Spanish Hymn book, and it sounds so cool!

The classes have been really good and I absolutely love my teachers! The District gets along so well, and I found out there is a missionary that absolutely loves Phantom of the Opera and band and stuff, so her and I, as well as another Elder with similar interest, have been getting to talk music almost all the time when we have free time, and my old District Leader (now the Zone Leader) and I were doing some different harmonies and stuff to songs this morning which sounded actually not that bad.

We had a really cool devotional on Tuesday and a pretty awesome discussion about it afterwards! So I guess stuff did happen, but nothing super huge I guess, the days just blur together! But I look forward to this next week and can’t wait to email back an update!

-Elder Inman

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