My First Snow!

So this week has already had a lot of really cool experiences. On Tuesday we had the opportunity to hear a talk given by Elder Montoya of the 70 and the things he shared were so awesome! He also at the end bore some of his testimony in Spanish and I was able to understand all of it!

Also this week it was really beginning to snow, AND I THREW MY FIRST SNOWBALL!!!! It was so awesome! Sadly, I never had my camera on me for a lot of it, but the snow is for sure very, VERY cold. Of course my companion threw the first one at me but I did get to throw some as well.

Logan and I ran into each other and had a bit of a snowball fight in front of the main building (we did not get in trouble though so it is all good). The whole soccer field was covered and the mountains were blanketed in snow it was amazing!

I also ran into some Missionaries who are going to Tampa! So that was cool to talk to them a bit about the area and the seemed relieved to have met someone from there.

I ALSO PLAYED WITH A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!! When we were walking around the Provo Temple there was a couple with their 10 week old Shiz Tsu puppy named Charlie and she was the cutest! She ran over to me and was jumping all around me and she was the size of my hand she was so small! I was holding her and she was biting at my fingers but she was to small to do anything and when I was holding her up to my nose she was licking it! It was actually one of the best things ever! We have also had a bunch of cool and funny moments with the other missionaries in my Dorm so that was really sweet.

As for spiritual moments, we have really been progressing with our investigators, and one of them is really wanting to get Baptized it so cool! I can not wait to see how that goes, and she is even reading more and understanding more than we have given her!

I’m hoping this next week is gonna be just as awesome!

– Elder Inman

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