Book of Mormon Challenge

There was a really awesome experience with our investigator Olga:

We had went into the lesson wanting to talk to her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation, since we felt she might need to hear it. As we were talking, she asked why do we need to follow the words of old prophets if they did not live through what we have (at least in the same era) and asked if we had any today. We of course jumped right into talking about the prophet today and showed her the church website.

She asked a couple different questions here and there, but asked if there was a video of the prophet/apostles speaking. So Elder Starr showed her (in Spanish) the “Lifting Our Burdens” video, and at the end she began to cry.

After a spiritual discussion that felt like we were suffocating in the Spirit, and her sharing with us her story, we invited her to baptism, and asked her to pray with us about if she should, and if what we had be teaching her was the truth. She accepted, and prayed right then and there with us. After a few moments of silence, she said that she felt a warmth, and a peace, and that she felt she wanted to talk about Baptism in our next lesson.

Elder Starr and I were in like spiritual overdrive and were super excited. The next lesson we went kinda here and there about baptism, but it got to a point where she was discovering answers for herself and understanding them even when Elder Starr and I thought we were confusing ourselves. I was never more sure the Spirit does all the teaching then in that moment. She even committed to going to church, and she does want to get baptized so far, but she wants to wait for when she is with her sister (who is already a member of the church, but lives in Boston).

We also, though not to the magnitude, had a similar experience with Lukas, and we are beginning to help him establish a Testimony in the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, though it is still gonna be a bit of a long road.

I would like to invite anybody that does see the blog to read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon, as well as the Testimonies of the Witness following after it, and read the scriptures it references as well as truly and with full intent pray about the truthfulness of the words, because I know without a shadow of doubt that this book, the Book of Mormon, is the most true book on this Earth, and that it contains the fullness of Christ teachings and is the blueprints to how we can achieve pure happiness.

I love you all!

-Elder Inman

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