Didn’t Take Very Long

The Team

So this second week has seemed like it has lasted for ages! And a whole lot has happened. One of the biggest things I think of off the bat is that it only took two weeks for me to finally start getting sick.

But as I was on the way to check email IT WAS SNOWING!!!!! Not a whole lot, but a single snowflake touched my wrist and I started freaking out. My District thought I was overacting, but it was seriously one of the coolest things ever! It is cold enough for it to stay on the ground, but it is a soft, gradual snow.

I also had a little bit of an incident on Monday with hydrogen peroxide and my eyes. I (due to my own lack of reading) accidentally had used a new contact solution incorrectly, and then proceeded to place a hydrogen peroxide soaked contact into my eye TWICE! I didn’t take a picture, but my left eye was super red. Later in the day after much agitations and stinging, my companion pretty much forced me to go see the MTC doctor (the event of my stupidity happened at  6:45 am, we did not go to the doctor until almost 5pm). The doctor then told me I needed to go see an eye doctor immediately, and we were sent by van off of the MTC campus to the nearest doctor ten minutes away. They numbed my eye and said there was no damage, just that the bottom part of my left eye would be red for a few days. So far, I am 100% a-o-kay. If we had missed dinner though that would have been much worse.

Also, speaking of chemicals, my companion and another set of Elders when doing our weekend service assignment had gotten the equivalent of acid on our clothes and had to wash them and our shoes in fear of having them possibly destroyed. So it was not my week to be around chemicals of any kind. I also was a bit bed ridden Tuesday due to my sickness, but I promise I’ll be better soon.

On the bright side though the Spanish is beginning to come a bit easier, and we got another investigator! On top of that, my companion and I are getting better at finding the needs of our investigators, and following promptings of the Spirit. I have even been able to use some of my life experiences to help some of them, and I genuinely love all of them so much. Olga is a student and loves traveling around the world and loves new things, Lukas is a mechanical engineering graduate from WestPoint and was in the Army for a few years, and Sandra is a law student ( no mum that is not a sign). They are so awesome, and I can really see their genuine wanting for the gospel it is so awesome!

I’m so glad for the opportunity serve the Lord and I am meeting so many cool and interesting people it is incredible! I love everyone and will write you all next week!

-Elder Inman

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