Teaching by the Spirit


Well, a great Missionary Experience I recently had was with our investigator Lukas.  Lukas is one of our very first investigators, and we seemed to only ever truly worry about being able to teach the lesson, not teach to his needs.

We had been meeting with him since the first Friday in the MTC, yet, my companion and I felt like we did not really know him. Sure, we knew a little bit about his family, and a small amount about his situation; we did not fully understand what HE needed.

The whole time I was so worried about saying the right thing in Spanish or making sure I knew the lesson, or trying to understand what Lukas said, that for a long time I neglected to understand how he felt.  This caused the both of us to become frustrated and it showed.

So last night, or afternoon rather, my companion and I knelt down in a empty room, with the door shut, and prayed. Like, really, really prayed, to see if we would be able to understand what Lukas needed, and not what we felt obligated to teach. We sat in silence for what felt like hours, and we eventually went back to our classroom and studied the scriptures.

In my personal study, I came across the scripture Alma 34, and I had an immediate impression that I needed to share with him that chapter. The day went on, and the time to meet with Lukas after a week of not seeing him was coming closer.

As my companion and I were contemplating what we felt he needed, i found my self saying “Honestly, I could not care less how my Spanish is, or how much of a lesson we teach him or anything. The only thing I want to happen this lesson is for Lukas to be happy. I don’t care how it happens, I just really want him to be happy.”

My companion gave me a weird look, but he understood what I was trying to say. It just clicked for the both us.  No matter what we prepared, we just wanted to be able to help Lukas in whatever way we possibly could.

The time to teach Lukas arrived, and as we were about to knock on his door, my companion and I said a quick prayer. From the second we opened that door, I swear I was drowned in the Spirit. Though we did not know every word he spoke, or knew every word to say, we shared with him that all we wanted was to help him be happy, and help guide him to find the answers of his soul.

Now, I can not say everything that was discussed in the lesson, but I can say that it was one of the most intense times I had ever felt the Spirit. There was a reverence, a peace, and a love in that room.  Something that I could not believe I could feel for someone who spoke a language I barely understood, and could speak even less.

My companion and I felt very strongly to invite him to baptism, and he said he would consider it, because he had a lot to take in from that lesson.

After that experience, I can not even begin to testify enough of the importance to have a genuine love for the people that you invite and help to come unto Christ.

We learn as missionaries, we do not teach anyone the gospel, we simply help invite the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Ghost does all of the teaching. If we do not have that genuine love, and desire to understand the needs of the investigator, it does not do us any good if we can talk about doctrine perfectly, because it is not what they need at that time.

So far my time in the MTC has answered questions i have had for a long time, and I am finally finding those answers, and realizing how to go about finding them. Any answer we have, I testify that it can be found in the Book of Mormon. So far my favorite scriptures have been Alma 32-34, and I invite everyone to read not only that scripture, but the scriptures themselves.  I testify that they truly contain the words of God and our what we need to hear, especially at the most crucial times.

– Elder Inman

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