I’m Alive!

Buenos dias! I am alive and have been loving the experience so far in the MTC, or the CCM as it is known in Spanish!

The time I spent in Temple Square the night before was incredible! And the day that I entered the CCM seems like a blur! Right from the very first class they immediately started speaking Spanish, but slowly the language has been getting a little bit easier.

My companion, Elder Starr, has been a real help to me adjusting, and let me be the first to say that Utah is COLD! It’s been about 60 all day and 40 in the mornings! I may have worn either a suit or a sweater every day so far!

I’ve been singing in the choir here and we got to SING FOR ONE OF THE APOSTLES! Elder Anderson! It was super cool! Been working on a musical number with one of the other Missionaries in my District that plays piano and that has been a blast!

I’ve ran into Elder Logonzo and Elder Dohms just about everyday! The food is amazing and endless! And la leche de choclate (chocolate milk) is to die for! I’ve somehow lost weight while being here though and just so awesome!

The language is incredibly difficult for me so far, but it is slowly getting better and better. Mis maestros (teachers) Hermano Ream y Hermana Ellison are the absoulute best! And I meet and make new friends every day! They make some fun of me cause I’m always saying how cold it is, but I’ll get the last laugh when we are in Argentina!

Love and miss all of you! And hope to hear from everyone when I can!

Hasta Luego!
-Elder Inman

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