All is Well

So this week ended up being really good! Had a lot of pretty good lessons and studies! And nothing terrible happened to us so that is a good thing! Also, the daughter of one of our investigatores is gonna be baptized on the 26th! And she is super excited about that!! She has been asking … More All is Well

Family History

So this upcoming week is gonna be the last week of this transfer, so that means the 21st is my last day with Elder Jiménez so that’ll be pretty sad, but this past week has been pretty good. Had some pretty… Interesting experiences that I’ll think I’ll wait ’till I am at home to share … More Family History

No Hablar Ingles

So a WHOLE lot of stuff happened this week! To start off, got a haircut, so that was pretty cool. Also, it is like an Inferno here, but these past two days have been really nice. I was gifted some DBZ cards so I know am kinda on a hunt for those, and I have … More No Hablar Ingles

It’s a Tie!

So, I believe first and foremost I need to say that I am a bit sorry for not messaging earlier.  Apparently, the day after Traslados is when we have Pday; so every 6 weeks if I don’t message en Lunes it’s because of Traslados ( no sé que significa en ingles, but I think it … More It’s a Tie!

A Very Fun Week!

So this was definitely one of the most fun weeks I have had in the mission so far. Yeah, I think my arms and hands have gotten attacked way more times then I’d like, but this week has been a bunch of fun. I think every missionaries dream happened to me on Monday at the … More A Very Fun Week!

Happy New Year!

So getting to Skype home I think was the highlight of my week for sure. I am in love with everything down here. We couldn’t really do a whole bunch this week due to rules about Navidad and needing to stay in doors, but we did get to spend Christmas eve with one of the … More Happy New Year!

Uneventful Week

This week seems honestly to be a blur, and it is even difficult to think of what actually even happened this week. The days are just all blending together, and it seems like yesterday was P-Day, but there was some pretty good stuff that did happen. I have have some really good personal studies in … More Uneventful Week

My First Snow!

So this week has already had a lot of really cool experiences. On Tuesday we had the opportunity to hear a talk given by Elder Montoya of the 70 and the things he shared were so awesome! He also at the end bore some of his testimony in Spanish and I was able to understand … More My First Snow!

I’m Alive!

Buenos dias! I am alive and have been loving the experience so far in the MTC, or the CCM as it is known in Spanish! The time I spent in Temple Square the night before was incredible! And the day that I entered the CCM seems like a blur! Right from the very first class … More I’m Alive!